Fall 2019 Blue Notes Audition

**By attending our audition, you give us permission to film your song choice unless you inform us, Blue Notes, that you wish not to be filmed**

**Time slots are arranged on the first-come-first-serve basis and reserved for that person only. Audition slips will be handed out during our GIM and will be available in PDF forms on this website. Make sure to have the required forms filled and ready during your audition.

Time Slot Registration Link:

Dates: Feb 19-21

Location: TBD through the registration

Time Slots

Time slots are arranged in first come first serve only through our registration link. Each time slot is 10 minutes long. As auditions can run ahead or behind, we would recommend that you arrive 15 minutes before – and be available to stay 15 minutes after – your scheduled time.

*** If you’re interested in auditioning and the time slots we have available absolutely do not work for you, be sure to e-mail us at! We will try to work out a better time for both of us.

The Audition

When you arrive at your audition, please bring your completed audition form (given in GIM scheduled on the same day of audition) and be prepared to sing 16 bars of any song of your choice. (roughly about the first verse to the chorus or just the chorus of the song)

Range: We will ask you to sing some scales and exercises to determine your range. It’s okay if you do not have experience! Many of us here at Blue Notes never learned what scales were or tried vocal exercises before joining the club.
Tonal Memory: We will play a short phrase, and ask you to sing it back to us by ear.
Sight Singing: You will be given 8 bars of sheet music and the starting note. We will ask you to sing the music to the best of your abilities.
Harmony: We will teach you 8 bars of music and ask you to sing it while another person harmonizes with you.

Don’t worry about other people auditioning. We will conduct auditions in a one-to-one style. You will be the only one auditioning in the room so sing your heart out!